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Our Services

Our complete solution of optical packaging design and production


With our 30 years of experience in eyewear and eyewear packaging manufacturing. We can help you with your design need. Many of the cases now on the market are designed by our team. 


One stop procurement and shipping

From optical frames, eyewear cases, trays, displays, paper bags, to paper boxes. We offer one stop procurement to help you launch your product to the market faster. Without the need of waiting for goods from many suppliers and locations, you can count on us to provide you with a full set of product with attractive packaging. Since there is less individual company involved, you can enjoy some cost saving and less supplier management. 



Our factory has in-house moulding and tooling department to help speed up the process of creating the manufacturing tools. Most of our manicuring process are done in-house to help protect your product information.

Product beyond ordinary eyewear packaging

We offer a wide range of product design. ​For any packaging need, you can find a suitable solution in our product catalog.


Product Development


Our product development team can help you with create your own package and eyewear. With 3D modelling, sample creation, color and material suggestion, our experts can provide you valuable information to help you create your own brand of products.

Connect with Us
If you have an idea or a product. You can contact us and we can consult the manufacturing feasibility for you. Send us an email for more information. 
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